WHY am I creating ART?

Painting comes from the buttom of my soul. Read here about my journey WHY I am creating ART.

I have studied Mediadesign years ago and am a graduated designer (FH). I once worked in online advertisement which made me feel depressive and burned out after a very short while.
So 2009 I embarked on a journey to New Zealand for one year to find out what’s the true purpose of my life. On this path very soon I discovered the existence of angels AND that I am – and since I was a little child always have been – a painting artist. Both changed everything for me.


Since 2010

… painting has been an intensive path of self-awareness and healing for me. It’s a path on which I got to know and to love myself and my inner child more and more, step by step.
I also completed various energetic training courses along the way, which I now combine with painting:
♥ MASTER ANGEL LIFE COACH® sessions by Isabelle von Fallois, like Angel Readings, Emotional Balance with angels, Shadow Process, ISIS ANGEL HEALUNG®, Angel Trance Coaching
♥ Core Shamanism methods like Extraction, Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval

Since the beginning of 2020

… when the world changed drastically from one moment to the next, my painting also changed. The intuitive expressive transformative painting helped me – in this time and until today – to deal with world events, my feelings and thoughts in this regard, as well as with my own topics, and to process them. The resulting works of art, which have a whole new depth, give me new hope, support and inner happiness at the same time.
In addition to that I learned a new tool by Isabelle von Fallois: ANGELIC BALANCE©, a very powerful tool.