Power animals, Shamanism and me

Read in this article

  • about my first encounters with power animals,
  • how my first intuitive power animal soul painting came to life,
  • about the Shamanism tools I learned in Hawaii.


How I intuitively discovered the world of Power Animals:

In 2010 I had this huge fascination for tigers, I even had been dreaming about tigers very intensively.

After some while I started to realise that the tiger as a power animal (or spirit totem as you might call it) had a very important message for me and my way of living at this time of my life:

My inner fire and burning desire wanted to come out of me as a fierce and powerful creative force. The tiger became my best companion who showed me how to spark off my inner fire day by day one step at a time.

From this very moment on I have had a huuge love and fascination for power animals.


How my first Power-Animal-Soul-Painting came to life:

Once in 2012, while I was painting intuitively, suddenly there was this dolphin that appeared on my painting canvas. I let my hands be guided by the energy that wanted to come through. When I felt that the painting was finished I was deeply touched to the core of my soul:

My first intuitive power-animal-soul-painting of a dolphin was born:

  • The blissful dolphin and the soulful loving energy of the painting instantly spoke to my soul very powerfully.


Then in 2018 a dream came true for me when I got the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in the vast ocean of Hawaii. That was an experience that again deeply touched my soul.

Looking into the eyes of these beautiful dolphins I felt as if I was looking into the eyes of a celestial angel. Surrounded by my new dolphin friends I felt divine unconditional love.

Looking back at this soul encounter with those blissful spinner dolphins in Hawaii I feel that they already had been calling me when the dolphin intuitively appeared in my in first power-animal-soul-painting in 2012.

How I learned Power Animal Retrieval & other shamanic tools in Hawaii

2018 in Hawaii I also had the fantastic opportunity to do a shamanic training with Lisa Biritz, a dutch-austrian woman that was very down to earth and deeply connected to the spirit of the dolphins and of Hawaii.
In a very intense nature experience in the middle of the Hawaiian rain forest I learned techniques of Core Shamanism such as

  • Extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • & Power Animal Retrieval

Working with those shamanic techniques instantly felt quite natural for me from the very beginning. At the same time I have lots of respect for those tools.

I am happy that my beloved Angel friends like Archangel Michael are always there to assist me to create a protective environment when I am doing shamanic sessions for clients.

Now I can help clients

  • to connect with THEIR power animal companions
  • & to integrate lost parts of their soul.

I am feeling quite honoured to do this sacred work.


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 The shamanic techniques I offer are not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment. I do not diagnose or make any statements about healing. If you make use of the services I offer, you are 100% responsible for the interpretation of the information you receive, as well as for the actions you derive from it.