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Exhibition in Wasserburg 2023

2023 I took part in the member’s exhibition of the KUBA Kunstbahnhof with two of my artworks that I specially painted for the exhibition.

(⇒ Please scroll down to see both artworks in detail)

The German title of the exhibition was „Verzweigt“ (English: „branched“) and it took place from May 27th until July 9th 2023 at KUBA Kunstbahnhof in Wasserburg at lake constance (Germany).


Lots of great artworks from other artists were shown at the exhibition, too. Have a look at my photo gallery to get a little insight of the exhibition.

As you can see on the photos there’s a little art shop „Kunst zum Mitnehmen“ (English: „Art to go“) at the KUBA Kunstbahnhof where I also sell a few of my small-sized Original artworks and some of my postcard prints.


About my 2 exhibited artworks:

Here you can see the two artworks I created for and presented at the exhibition:

Title: „Power Place“ (Deutsch: „Kraftplatz“) – Acrylics & watercolor pen on watercolor paper, size A3

About the artwork „Power Place“ (Deutsch: „Kraftplatz“):

In the many branches of an old tree, many beings find plenty of space to rest and linger. It is a place of inspiration to gather new strength.

by Natalie Larimar, 2023

Title: „Tree of Life“ (Deutsch: „Baum des Lebens“) – Acrylics, acrylic ink & watercolor pen on canvas, size 70 x 50 cm

About the artwork „Tree of Life“ (Deutsch: „Baum des Lebens“):

A branch off a known path into the unknown requires trust and inner support, like a strong tree. This is how you can grow beyond yourself and create a new life.

by Natalie Larimar, 2023

Both artworks are available for sale.

Long Night of Museums 2022

In October 2022 I took part in the Long Night of Museums in the KUBA Kunstbahnhof in Wasserburg at Lake Constance (Germany).

It was organized by ORF, which is an Austrian TV station.

Actually I was there to create portraits of the museum visitors. Well, nobody of the visitors wanted to be portrayed, BUT I had the honor to create something even more exhilarating for a member of the KUBA art club:

A portrait of her beloved cat Mogli. 🙂

I really enjoyed to paint that! And I am quite proud of the result. I chose the colours freely and intuitively in the style of my beloved expressionists.