About my ARTIST NAME Natalie Larimar

→ Read here WHY I chose this name & WHAT it means for me:


Natalie is the second name from my bourgeois name Sarah Natalie Bloch.
„Natalie“ is my artist personality, the brave, wild, expressive personality within me who is free to behave and express herself the way she wants to. As an artist I need this freedom to express myself artistically.



Larimar is a bluish greenish shimmering gemstone that I feel very connected to. It’s also called dolphin stone (and I looove dolphins). The origin of its name comes i.a. from „mar“ (spanish) = „sea“.

This gemstone reminds me of the ocean, and of the ancient times of Lemuria, which both is a big inspiration for my artwork.


When I look at this stone I can see and feel (and sometimes even hear) the ocean. I have always felt like a child of the sea, the happiest when being by the sea. Even as a small child they said about me „She’s like a little fish“ because when playing in the ocean I could hardly get out of the sea water. Also today I love the ocean from the bottom of my heart and soul. And apart from that: My eyes have quite a similar colour like my beloved Larimar gemstone. So it’s just perfect as my Artist name! 🙂


New Zealand

New Zealand 2009